Skin Care

  • Acne Skin
  • Chapped Skin
  • Cuts & Scrapes
  • Diaper Rash
  • Dry & Itchy Skin
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Sunburn
  • Stretch Marks
  • Wrinkles & Aging

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SOFTEN, PAMPER and PROTECT for the Best Skin Care

Vitamin E Provided for the Best Skin Care - Genes Vitamin E Créme and Lotion is a First Aid Kit to Protect The Skin You Were Born With:

Much of our advice is from groups such as Psoriasis Association UK

Skin Care for Chapped Skin:

Just a dab of Genes Vitamin E Créme or Lotion on the effected area and your raw skin will be gone in a day or two, (not weeks).

Best Skin Care for Cuts Scrapes & Scratches:

Genes Vitamin E Créme benefits you by Healing Faster with regular applications to your injured skin. (If your skin is open and bleeding, apply First Aid and contact your Health Care Provider)

Diaper Rash Skin Care:

Genes Vitamin E Creme provides benefits Soothing and Promotes Healing to Protect this tender burned skin area.

Dry and Itchy Skin Care:

Regular use of Genes Vitamin E Cream or Lotion will benefit Dry and Itchy Skin at peace so you Heal. Genes Vitamin E Creme is known to help clear up skin lesions.

Eczema Skin Care:

Apply Genes Vitamin E Créme at least Twice Daily for up to a week and you will begin to see the Skin You Were Born With.

Psoriasis Skin Care:

We know there is no known cure for Psoriasis and we won´t pretend this is. Genes Vitamin E Créme can help soften your effected skin to give you some relief from the soreness and itching.

Sunburn Skin Care:

When your skin is feeling like it´s On Fire, if you can, take a cool shower and put a generous amount of Genes Vitamin E Cream on the effected areas with a wet hand or a wet cloth. This application will dramatically reduce your pain and, with continued daily use, will also protect your skin from peeling.

HINT - If you apply Genes Vitamin E Créme before your exposure to the Sun, your Sunburn Pain Is Greatly Reduced and please don´t forget to apply some after your exposure.

Stretch Marks:

With regular use of Genes Vitamin E Créme, you can Prevent Most Stretch Marks caused by Pregnancy and Child Birth. If you already have Stretch Marks, use Genes Vitamin E Créme regularly to see a dramatic reduction in the depth and size of your Stretch Marks.

Wrinkles & Aging:

s you know, your skin is always growing and replaces itself continually. To keep the Youthful Skin You Were Born With, apply a Natural Moisturizer with ingredients that Protect and Feed Your Skin. The Very Best Moisturizer IS: Genes Vitamin E Créme and Lotion.

Acne Skin Care:

Acne is a caustic skin condition and along with treatments used today, your skin takes a beating. And then there are the scars. Best Solution: At least once a day, pre-soak a facial Loofah pad, or similar exfoliating material, and gently cleanse your face, neck and any other skin areas affected by Acne, using a mild soap and cool water. While your skin remains damp, use a small amount of Genes Vitamin E Cream or Lotion on all of the effected areas and your Acne skin will become softer and will show progress in a day or two. If you order your Genes Vitamin E Creme or Lotion today, you can select 'Delicate Facial Loofah' as a Free Gift.

We´re convinced that when you have used Genes Vitamin E Skin Moisturizers, Your Skin will Feel Smoother Than Silk and We are sure you will need & want that feeling for The Rest Of Your Life, as 10´s of Thousands have.

On behalf of all of us who bring you Genes Vitamin E Créme and Lotion, we wish you the best of health. Remember that when you take great care of your skin, your skin will take great care of you.